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BOOKS: Fiction & Non-Fiction Titles at all levels

LIST: suggestions to give an idea of kind of titles we are looking for

Great online source: Lewis Minuk Inc.


Beginner Skill: ABC’s, numbers, animals, colours, shapes, body, starter dictionaries...
ex: Running On The Road To ABC
Denize Lauture / Illus.: Reynold Ruffins [Haiti]
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
* Beginning & Levelled Readers series: Fiction & Non-Fiction

ex: Scholastic Emergent Reader Series
I Can Read Series

* Word bingos, searches & math games, puzzles.....

Juba This & Juba That
: 100 African-American Games for Children
Fireside, N. Y. ISBN: 0-684-80781-5


* Folk Tales from: Caribbean, Africa, Mexico, Asia, India, Central/South America...
* Anancy Stories......  * Louise Bennett (Miss Lou) - Books & tapes
* Dr. Seuss... * Curious George (H.A Rey)...
* Franklin ... * Arthur
* People in other places

* Juvenile Literature: Chapter books, Bioraphies, Nature, Science, History,
Geography, How Things Work ....
* Reference: Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Health, Atlas, Maps, How To...
* Mature Readers: Non-fiction, Fiction, Bios, History, Music, Health, Sports... 

* * * Adi and The Boy Stranger
(Ivory Coast)
Patricia Roddy / Illus.: Lynn Russell
Dial Books for Young Readers / Penguin Books
ISBN: 0-8037-1221-9
(trade) ISBN: 0-8037-1222-7 (Lib Bdg)

* * * * Beyond The Mango tree
A. B. Zemser
Friendship Fiction
Harper Trophy        ISBN: 0-06-440786-1 (pbk)

* The Big Tree
Bruce Hiscock
Atheneum books

* * * The Conjure Woman

William Miller/ Illus.: Terea Shaffer
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

* Donkey Trouble
Ed Young

* * Don’t Leave An Elephant To Go And Chase A Bird.
James Berry / Illus.: Ann Grifalconi
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

* * Feathers and Fools
Mem Fox
Harcourt Brace & Co      ISBN: 0-15-200473-4

* The Garden
Dyan Sheldon & Gary Blythe
Hutchinson [Australia?]       ISBN: 0-09-176141-7

* Heart Of A Jaguar
Marc Talbert
Simon & Schuster

*Journey Of The Nightly Jaguar
Burton Albert / Illus.: Robert Roth         
Atheneum Books for Young readers

* * * Kinsuki’s Kingdom
Michael Morpango (sp?)
Heinemann (London)     ISBN: 0-7497-3639-9

* * * * Kofi & His Magic
(magnificent photographs)
Maya Angelo       ISBN: 0-517-70453-6

* * Leon Series
Cecile Gagnon / Illus.: Labrosse
Translated from the French
MeLelland and Stewart       ISBN: 0-07710-3286-2

* * Little Gray One
Jan Wahl / Illus.: Frane Lessoc      ISBN: 0-688-12037-7

* * The Lonely Lion and the Ostrich Chicks
Retold by Verna Aardena / Illus.: Yumi Heo
Alfred Knopf      ISBN: 0-679-969-34-9

* Miss Spider’s Tea Party
(incredible illus.0David Kirk
Scholastic Books N.Y.     ISBN: 0-590-47724-2
and other books Miss Spider books.

* * The New Oxford Book of Children’s Verse
(Ethnically & culturally diverse)
Neil Philip
Oxford University Press   ISBN: 0-19-214-247-x

* Once A Mouse
Marcia Brown
Atheneum Books

* One Fine Day
Noony Hogrogian
Simon & Schuster

* Rain Player
David Wisineski
Houghton Miflin & Co.    ISBN: 0-395-55112-9

* Satchmo’s Blues
Allan Schroeder / Illus.: Floyd Cooper
Bantam / Doubleday       ISBN: 0-385-320-46-9

* * Some Sleep Standing Up
Susan Stockdale
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

* What Newt Could Do For Turtle

Jonathan London / Illus.: Louise Voce
Candlewick Press      ISBN: 1-56402-259-5

* * When the Monkeys Came Back
Kristine L. Franklin / Illus.: Robert Roth
Simon & Schuster

* * * Afro-American Folk Tales:
Stories from Black Traditons in the New World (US & Caribbean)
Edited & selected by Roger D. Abrahams
Pantheon Books N.Y      ISBN: 0-394-72885-8 (pbk)

* * Aman
: The Story of a Somali Girl
as told to V. Barnes / J. Boddy
Vintage Canada / Random House     ISBN: 0-394-28079-2

* * The Golden Flower
: A Taino Myth from Puerto Rico
Nina Jaffe / Illus.: Enrique O. Sanchez
Simon & schuster Books for Young Readers

* * * House of the Heart Is Never Full:
and other African Proverbs
Guy A. Zona

* * Little Mouse & Elephant:
A Tale from Turkey
Jane Yolen / Illus.: John Segal
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

* * The Ox Of The Wonderful Horns:
and other African Folktales
Ashley Byran
Atheneum Books

* * The Precious Gift:
Navaho Creation Myth
Ellen Jackson / Illus.: Woodleigh Hubbard

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

** The Biggest Frog In Australia
Susan L. Roth
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

** The Birth of a Humpback Whale
Robert Matero/ Illus:Pamela Johnson
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

* Children’s Guide to Birds
Jinny Johnson / Consultant Dr. Malcolm Ogilvie
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

*** A City Under The Sea:
Life in a Coral Reef.
Norbert Wu
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

** Crinklefoot’s Guide to Knowing Butterflies and Moths

Jim Arnosky
Simon and Schuster

**** Eyewitness Book Series
Dorling Kindersley Books
Animals-elephants, gorillas, horses...
Nature- plants, seashore, volcano & earthquakes, ocean, earth....
Africa, Archeology, Human body..........

*** Have You Seen Bugs ?
  (unbelievable artwork)
Joanne Oppenheim       ISBN: 0-590-24322-5

** How Dinosaurs Came to Be
Patricia Lauber / Douglas Henderson
Simon and Schuster Books for Young readers.

* Is There Room On The Bus?
(counting & geography)
Helen Piers / Illus: Hannah Giffard
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

**** Life In Tide Pools
Creative Education 2001
ISBN: 1-58341-076-7
brillant photos, easy, clear text

* * Nature By The Numbers
Lynnette Ruschak / G. B. McIntosh
Litttle Simon Trade

* Old Turtle
Douglas Wood
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

**** Outside and Inside Series
 (fantastic series)
Outside and Inside Sharks
Outside and Inside You
Outside and Inside Trees...
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

**** Scholastic Books Series
  (fantastic series)
Scholastic Productions Inc
730 Broadway, N.Y 10003
(212) 529-6300 Deborah Forte

*** Yuck! A Big Book of Little Horrors
Robert Snedden/ Photos - The Science Photo Library
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

* * Plains Warrior:
Chief Quanah Parker and the Comanches
Albert Marrin
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

**** The Underground Railroad
-Juvenile Lit.
Anne Marie Weems
Heritage Series
Grolier Ltd. (Canada)        ISBN: 0-7172-265-7

*** The Warm Place
Nancy Farmer
Puffin 1996     ISBN: 0-14-837956-8 ?(0-14-037956-8)

* * Great Lives:
World Religions
William J. Jacobs
Atheneum Books for Young Readers

* * * * Tubman
-Juvenile Lit.
Rosemary Sadlier
Umbrella Press       ISBN: 1-895642-17-5

* * * Wilma Unlimited
: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World’s Fastest Woman.
Katheleen Krull / Illus.: D. Diaz
Harcourt Brace & Co   ISBN: 0-15-201267-2

* In A Different Light: Growing Up in a Yu’ik Eskimo Village in Alaska).
Carolyn Meyer
Contemporary & archival photographs.
Margaret K. McElderry Books

Focusing on - History, Biographies, Nature, Culture, Music, Sports, Reference, Health

*** Garvey’s Children: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey.
Tony Sewell
Macmillan Pub.
London 1990    ISBN: 0-333-49124-6

** Miles
: (autobiography)
with Quincy Troupe
Touchstone     ISBN: 0-671-72582-3 (pbk)

*** Paul Robeson: A Biography

Martin Bauml Duberman
Ballantine Books [Random House] N.Y.
Published by arrangement with Alfred A. Knopf ISBN: 0-345-36413-9

**** Black Ivory
(History of life on Plantations in the New World)
James Walvin
Howard University Press
ISBN: 0-882581821(books in print) Original ISBN: 0-006862926

**** The Black West
William Loren Katz

*** Born Fi Dead
Laurie Gunst
Henry Holt & Co[Owl pbk] ©1995 ISBN-0-8050-4698-4 / 3205-3

** Under The Black Flag:
The Romance and Reality of Life Among the Pirates
David Cordingly
Random House ISBN: 0-679-42560-8

* * * African Ark
(big, beautiful book of photographs with detailed notes)
Harry N. Abrams Inc. N.Y.
ISBN: 0-8109-1902-8

* * Last of the Nuba (
big, beautiful book of photographs with detailed notes]
St. Martins Press N.Y. ISBN: N -0-312-13642-0

*** Africa O-Ye
(encyclopedic look at African music today)
Graeme Ewens
Da Capo Press

*** Cut n mix

Dick Hebdige
1987 Metheun & C0. ISBN: 1851780297 [hardcover] ISBN: 0906890993 ]pbk]
and an earlier work - *** Subculture The Meaning of Style

**** The Guiness Book Of Who’s Who In Reggae
Editor: Colin Larkin
ISBN: 0-85112-734-7

*** Blackheart Man
Derek Bishton
Chatto & Windus Ltd. Publishers. London
ISBN: 0-7011-2795-3



Art Program Saturday afternoons.
reative arts
is a major component in our curriculum...woven into all subject areas.



* Shipping these items will involve duty. Please bring, purchase in Jamaica or
you can donate funds and specify for Art Materials.